Why Us

You will probably require the services of a land surveyor only a few times during your life.  The need usually arises when you buy a house, a lot, or a larger tract of land.  If you are a Lawyer, Engineer, Architect, Realtor, Developer, or work for a utility company or any state of local government agency, then you will probably need the services of a Professional Land Surveyor many times.

M.A.P.S. Surveying Inc. is a small but efficient company started by Michael J. Adams and Beth Adams.  Surveying the Cumberland County and surrounding areas since 2004, their work ethic and high standards have made them a very competitive company in a short amount of time.  With prompt and cost-efficient service to every client, they utilize the latest in land surveying technology and insist on streamlined accuracy with attention to detail.

From small residential land owners, to large commercial developers, they truly care about their clients and their projects.  They take personal satisfaction in being part of a successful project, no matter the size.

Our Mission

    As Professional Surveyors, we dedicate our professional knowledge and skills to the advancement and betterment of human welfare.

Our Pledge:

  • To give the utmost performance
  • To participate in none but honest enterprise
  • To live and work according to the laws of humankind and the highest standards of professional conduct
  • To place service before profit, honor and standing of the profession before personal advantage, and the public welfare above all other considerations

When is a Survey Usually Required?

Before title to land is conveyed, it is necessary to have an accurate description of the property for the deed, including an accurate determination of the acreage.  It is also important to have an accurate determination of the acreage of the lot and to know if there are any physical features or title overlaps which might constitute encroachments or, in some other way adversely affect the title to the land.  Only an up-to-date survey, by a Professional Land Surveyor, can give you this information.

Most cities have subdivision ordinance procedures which must be followed.  For any subdivision, the Professional Land Surveyor can work with you to prepare the required maps.  This may be a simple procedure, requiring only a boundary survey and subdivision plat.  In more complicated cases, additional surveys, including a topographical survey, a site analysis, road and lot layout plans and erosion control plans may be necessary.  The Professional Land Surveyor will prepare the necessary preliminary plans for agency review and the final subdivision plat for recordation.  The Professional Land Surveyor can explain the requirements of the local Subdivision Ordinance and assist you in getting the necessary approvals for you development.

Before land is improved by constructing drives, fences, walls, or buildings, it is desirable to know the location of the property corners and boundaries.  Using the services of a Professional Land Surveyor, for staking the locations of grading and improvements, avoids encroachments upon adjoining property and possible litigation at a later date.  It also increases the likelihood that the improvements will be constructed according to the design plans.

Before land is partitioned by will or by Court Order, a survey of the land is needed.  In the case of a will, the boundary of the property and the improvements on the property, including buildings, roads, and drives, will need to be located.  Then, when the land is divided, the heirs can easily decide on the location of the new dividing lines.

When a question arises as to the location of a boundary line between you and your neighbor, the first thing you need to do is get an accurate boundary survey.  When the survey is completed, the Professional Land Surveyor can explain the location of the boundary line.  In some cases, the surveyor can help solve the problem between you and your neighbor; at other times, the surveyor will appear in court as an expert witness on your behalf.

Additional Information

A survey is a highly technical and complex service utilizing the art of measuring, mathematics, and the proper interpretation of real property law.

A Title Insurance policy is generally issued when property is purchased.  This covers; the title of the property, protecting the owner; or the loan, protecting the lender.  It can also cover the survey if specifies. Discuss the provisions of the title insurance with your lawyer.

The Professional Land Surveyor can survey your land ONLY according to the deeds and other available information.  The location of the boundary lines marked by the surveyor is ONLY a professional opinion based on the evidence found in the records and on the ground.  However, the accuracy by which the Professional Land Surveyor accomplishes this service is backed by his professional integrity.

In the case of litigation, the Professional Land Surveyor will appear in court as an expert witness.  The surveyor’s testimony is accepted by the court as professional evidence.

A seller, real estate agent or timber cruiser may claim to know the boundary of a parcel.  Accepting their representations is at best a gamble and at worst a pending lawsuit.  Only a Professional Land Surveyor can provide reliable information about the location of your property lines.